Shell Powder(HOTATE22)

Shell Powder [Hotate22]

Shell Powder (HOTATE22) is a food additive made from scallop shell. The fine purified powder is revolutionary product, which is successfully microparticulated and can be passed through 635-mesh without burning. The main component includes calcium carbonate.

Scallop shell is rich in calcium.

Scallop shell which is natural mineral including 38% of calcium (95% as calcium carbonate), is selected as a raw material for Shell Powder (HOTATE22).
And Shell Powder (HOTATE22) contains not only calcium but also essential minerals necessary for our body such as magnesium.

Micro particle in powder form

Shell Powder (HOTATE22) can be successfully microparticulated by special technology and more than 99% can be passed through 635-mesh (average particle size is 3.7 μm).
This micro particle form makes it possible to process for wide variety of foods.

Calcium without any usage restrictions

Shell Powder (HOTATE22) is not an artificial calcium salt, and it does not have any usage restrictions.

 White powder
 Particle size
 Equal or more than 99% pass through 635-mesh
 Content of calcium
 Equal or more than 38%