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Corporate Profile
Company Name
Kawai Materials Co., Ltd.
Head Office
29-5-2, Sakaicho Kibesinbo, Sakai, Fukui 919-0536, JAPAN   >>Map
Date Established
August 20, 2007
Seiichi Yamamoto, President
Business Activities
Manufacturing and sales of food additives (calcium and magnesium)

April 1994
In order to manufacture and sell calcium in shells as a food additive, the Calcium Group was established in Kawai Co., Ltd. (head office: Echizen, Fukui).
April 2003
The factory of the Calcium Group was approved by Japan Food Additives Association in 2003 as a food additive GMP factory (registered number: JAFA GMP-019).
October 2007
In order to further develop and expand the business handled by the Calcium Group in Kawai Co., Ltd., newly Kawai Materials Co., Ltd. succeeds the business of the group.
March 2018
HACCP certified.
December 2022
Patent No. 7093948 and Patent No. 7093954 were obtained.